Custom Shows

Customized Fireworks Shows

Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience selling fireworks. We know our products and we know which ones look beautiful when paired together and timed properly. If you ask, you can also learn about setup, timing, safety tips and lighting recommendations.

Shop With Us

We can shop with you to design a show on any budget. Zort’s in North Sioux City, SD almost always has one of our most experienced salespeople at the store. However, if you know when you are coming, please considering contacting us in advance to set up an appointment. We’ll make sure our store owner or one of our most knowledgeable pyros are here to dedicate shopping time exclusively to you. Use the form below.

Pick Up a Pre-Packaged Show

Trust us and want to avoid the crowd? We have designed countless fireworks shows. You can simply submit your budget ($500 minimum) and parameters and we will design the show and pull the fireworks for you. Then, all you have to do is set up a time to come pick up your fireworks. Use the form below.

Need a Professional Fireworks Show?

If you are looking for a larger scale 1.4G fireworks display, we can help. We will help you select fireworks and design the show. Submit the form below.

If available, we will consider sending one of our trained pyrotechnicians to your location. We use an electronic firing system (Remote Firing Systems) to light our shows. It helps ensure timing and safety. If you are interested in our help using this system, fill out the form below. Currently, we only light a few shows per year. We have a small team of trained staff and our availability is limited. But, if interested, please inquire. We are willing to discuss ideas and might be able to point you in the right direction.

Fireworks Show Inquiry Form

Please enter the city location of your fireworks display. This will help us understand what is allowable by law in your area.
If undecided, enter "TBD".
If undecided, enter "TBD".
If you had a pleasant experience shopping with a salesperson, we will do our best to see if they are available to shop with you again.
No minimum required to set an appointment to shop with a Zort's salesperson. Minimum of $500 worth of fireworks required for Zort's to design and package a show for you.
Sparklers, snappers, roman candles, smoke, firecrackers, etc.
Please describe what you are looking for. Are there types of fireworks you prefer or do not prefer? Have you obtained approval or license if required?

Please keep in mind your city, county and state ordinances regarding fireworks. Many places require licenses to light fireworks shows. For example, our annual shoots require approval from our city government. We will not help you light shows without permission from your applicable local municipal departments.

Check out these State Fireworks Regulations we’ve compiled for surrounding states.